OnTOUCH Destination Deal APP 
​​​​​​​Creative Digital Director & Lead UI/UX Design at GXI, Toronto
iPad & kiosk app
Product and app development
Branding implementation
The app connected travelers with a large product database, featuring exclusive deals in entertainment, restaurants, airline services and transportation, plus a curated news feed.
• 1 out of 20 users only bought one ticket, while 3 out of 10 canceled their purchase in the last page
• Average time learning the app was 20+ minutes
• Users went to 25+ different screens to purchase a single ticket
• 30-55 screens for the purchase of multiple tickets
• 45 clicks minimum to purchase a single ticket
• Need to type in name, email address and phone number
• 63 clicks minimum for the successful purchase of a ticket
• An average of 11 minutes to successfully purchase a single ticket
• No connection between database and the airline
• Printing tickets was necessary for any service
• Reduce clicks by 30%
• Reduce screens by 30%
• Create a more efficient way to capture user data
• Simplify how users receive their proof of purchase
• 96% less clicks
• 99% less screens
• 3 clicks for a successful purchase
• Purchase details and proof of purchase sent via automated email
• Real-time connection to airline databases
• Discounts and promotions triggered for frequent flyers
• QR scanner included in the app loaded user data automatically, purchase charges applied to the same card used to purchase airplane ticket
• 8 out of 10 users completed at least one purchase

The screens below are from a previous version